Panther 1.1.2 released

The Panther team are proud to announce the immediate availability of Panther 1.1.2. This hard-worked on release offers much more stability for your forum, better optimisation and usability improvements, as well as many bugs fixed. In particular, we have dropped the old system for languages and moved to a more efficient system of using a custom language handler class with .po files. Our future ambition is to actually use GetText, but this release has come a long way in making the language system much more up-to-date. Because of this reason, any templates which were written for a previous version of Panther will no longer work, and must be rewritten.
We have also finally added MyISAM support for those users who do not have access to InnoDB. We hope that this will make it much easier and more flexible for users to use the forum.

All in all, this was a much needed (and long awaited) optimisation and improvement patch. We will contin...