Panther 1.1.3 released

Today we have released the long awaited Panther version 1.1.3. This release fixes a huge number of bugs with the forum, optimises the code much more and in a lot of cases uses much better code. One of the major changes in this version is the overhaul of the old caching system, which has been replaced by a class.

This class now handles caching in a much easier and much smoother and cleaner process. Instead of old code to include the configuration file, for example, such as:

// Load cached config
if (file_exists(FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_config.php'))
	include FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_config.php';

if (!defined('PANTHER_CONFIG_LOADED'))
		require PANTHER_ROOT.'include/cache.php';

	require FORUM_CACHE_DIR.'cache_config.php';

This is now handled by a single line of code;

$panther_config = $cache->get('config');

To pass any arguments, si...